The plan has expanded dramatically and I haven’t yet updated the website. Please stay tuned.

Globally adaptable solutions for reaching Human potential, coalescing with the needs of the living planet Earth; a plan for peace:

A Community-Owned Bookstore, brewery, restaurant, concert hall coming soon to downtown Hanford, Ca, from which solutions in downtown revitalization, arts and alternative education, and regenerative agriculture are developed, tested, and shared with the world.

Ssussdriad is a plan for world peace.




Concert Hall

Coming soon to downtown Hanford, California!

Where by buying a beer, attending a concert, or buying a book, you will help us to explore, and launch projects in the areas of:

Downtown Revitalization

Arts and Alternative Education

Regenerative Agriculture

From the bookstore, solutions in the focus areas will be developed, tested, and shared with the world. I will document the project to best of my ability.

Follow along on social media, and stay tuned for my VLOG (coming soon)

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“We Dare because we must, for if we do not, who else will dare for us?”

 – Clan Korval, Liaden Universe Stories by Sharon Lee, and Steve Miller.

If you could see the magic you spun to get here, knowing full well you’d not know yourself once you did, and that the shadow endeavored to bury you from the moment you arrived.. If you knew who you really were, the earth would tremble in excitement.

For you alone does our little blue mote of dust rest suspended in a sunbeam, the stars hum, the birds chirp, and the waves of our great oceans crash. Existence is vast, profound, and utterly impossible.. and if you listen close, it sings a song just for you..

If you knew who you really were, your gaze would scatter the shadow.

I know the true value of your time. Thank you for spending some of it with my dream.