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Ssussdriad is a world peace project; an introductory, living-framework for communities to collaborate in building a new society that meets the needs of the individual, community, and planet. This framework is patterned after the characteristics and behaviors of the natural world and so, is by design, adaptive, resilient, creative, and beneficial to all life on earth.

A community-owned

Business of three parts

Ssussdriad will be a community-owned business with 3 modular, yet integrated, parts: A regenerative farm, a bookstore and restaurant, and a unique website. These parts are modular in the sense that they can function independently of each other, and integrated because they cooperate through supply and waste streams, marketing and sales channels, branding, and purpose.

The Farm
The Bookstore

Regenerative Farm

The farm will partner with the processes of nature to facilitate functional ecosystems which heal our planet, produce foods that heal our bodies, and leave our world more diverse and healthy for our participation.

Healthy plants don't need defending with chemicals. In fact, an aphid will starve upon a healthy pecan leaf because its digestive system cannot process the complex sugars of the tree's sap, and it's not until a plant reaches these stages of health that they offer adequate nutrition to humans.

The farm will work to make truly nutritious food accessible to the community.

Bookstore, Brewery, Restaurant, Concert Hall.
....and Grocery Store

Ssussdriad will be located in downtown Hanford, where it will serve as a community gathering place, providing a meaningful, dynamic, exciting, and positive environment for families, generating revenue and awareness for the project, and sparking conversation around its focus areas, strengthening community connections.
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The Website

FindingHanford.com will host a marketplace for local small business, a community calendar, news, blogs, livestreams, and podcasts exploring local food, art, culture, and history. The website will also host a community forum, where discussions about the future of our town can grow and be documented.

Free and paid native advertising will be offered to small business, exploring who they are as members of the community, rather than just what products they sell.
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Focus areas

Support at all levels will drive research and development addressing a vast array of economic, social, and environmental needs. To begin, there will be three areas of focus:


Arts and Alternative Education

Regenerative Agriculture

By addressing the above focus areas, we can begin healing our bodies and our land, our culture, and our economy, while simultaneously providing the next generations of children with the education, nutrition, and emotional intelligence needed to form opinions about the world, and the tools, channels, and emotional fortitude to effectively influence its direction.


Nathan Odom

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Data Scentist
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