A Regenerative Farm

Guided by the principles of permaculture, and syntropic agroforestry, we will align with the earth's processes to nurture dynamic and healthy ecosystems, resulting in delicious and nutrient-rich foods for our community.

The Soil Food Web

A whole world of microorganisms exists beneath our feet, and its behaviors and relationships are the foundation of life on earth. All of earth's kingdoms evolved through this complex web of interactions, and our plants', our animals', and our own well-being depend on this web of life within the soil.

Pests and Disease

By aligning our management practices with this complex web of relationships, and leveraging knowledge of plant life cycles and nutritional needs, we can achieve complete pest and disease resistance without any pesticides.

Instead, we'll use proven management practices to support the biological processes happening within the plant and around its roots.

We do not need to re-invent the wheel. These markers of plant health are being achieved all over the world.

Compost & Tea

A properly managed compost pile hosts a dynamic and healthy food web of its own. By applying biocomplete compost and teas we help our farm ecosystems to achieve balance.

We will hone our composting skills on our own farm, and then offer compost services to our community.


We are at a frontier in soil science, with new discoveries being made all the time (ex. Rhyzophage).

The R-Soils Database is a project by Matt Powers. An open-source planetary soil database and community, where soil scientists and home gardeners alike will chart the mysteries of the soil.

This database will accept tests like soil respiration, brix, plant sap analysis, microscope images, and even dna sequencing. It will also utilize machine learning to assist in microbial identification and counting and, I'm sure, much more.

Ssussdriad will be a frequent participant in this community.

Revenue Generation

Current Harvests

Chicken eggs
Chicken meat
Worm Castings



Sales Channels

Restaurant and Market

Our main sales channel will be our restaurant and market in downtown Hanford. We will supply our downtown storefront with fresh ingredients daily.

Farmers Markets

Ssussdriad is currently a member of the Visalia Farmers Market Association. We will join more markets as we grow.

We will participate in the forthcoming online marketplace, allowing locals to purchase produce baskets which can be picked up at one of a few locations.

The Barn

School room, workshop, soil lab.

If I can convince the old man, the barn loft will serve as both a school room and soil lab until a larger building is found or constructed. Downstairs will be shop space.

I'm also working on another nearby location which I will reveal if it works out.