Merging the Bookstore Facebook page with the main Ssussdriad page

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I started the facebook page for “Platypus Books” four years ago.. then it became “Rebel Books”, then “The Tree and Dragon”, and now…”Ssussdriad Books”. I have considered keeping a page bookstore-specific, but have decided against it. The bookstore is a huge part of the overall plans and, if I’m effective, will be indistinguishable from the world peace movement that comes

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My First “Flog”! Otis and Heroes in L.A. & Heroes in Hanford!

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My first “Flog”! Finally! I met a hero in L.A. on Friday, and learned about California’s Creative Economy and more! I promise to not maintain focus as I produce these Vlogs, but I will orbit the subjects of: Downtown Revitalization, Arts and Alternative Education, and Regenerative Agriculture. Thanks for tuning in 🙂 Here’s the Otis Report Website:… Here’s the

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A look at last week’s 11 hour special city council meeting

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The second day began with “This I Believe” statements from each council person. I have included them below. I believed it important to make them available in their entirety. Top priorities established in the following 7 categories: 1) efficient & responsive Gov – Customer Service training for staff 2) collaborative community relationships – Develop a committee/taskforce regarding homeless 3) fiscal

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An Early Introduction to Create Ca and Arts Integrated Education. April Art Hop

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I’m really stoked for the April Art Hop. If you watch the video above, you’ll see why. I will soon be creating a closed facebook group for those interested in being a part of the Arts Integrated Education Revolution in Kings County. For now, follow Ssussdriad on social media (links on the home page), and consider joining the public #HopHanford

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Special City Council Meeting Thur and Friday

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The City of Hanford has hired The Novak Consulting Group for team-building. Special City Council Meeting Thur 4-7 & Friday 9am-4pm. I’ll be posting updates on Twitter @Ssussdriad and will post a video over the weekend recapping the meeting. There is a “Priorities” item on the agenda, and I encourage you to show up if you’re able, and voice your

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Video Recap of the Jan 15 Hanford City Council Meeting

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Recap of the Jan 15 2019 City Council Meeting! Including the Bastille, Downtown Homeless Resource Center, New Commissioners, and a major Median Remodel on Lacey Blvd. Here’s that video-recap I promised! I’d intended to use a lot more footage from the meeting, but it wouldn’t do much good without the audio lol.. So you get to watch me talk instead.

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A Couple Interviews Before Tomorrow’s Art Hop!

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I conducted my first on-video interview on friday, and after many hours troubleshooting audio-sync issues, and the fix costing video quality… Here it is!! Phillip Nunes is leaving for Disney College Program on the 13th, but is sharing his art with us before he goes! Here’s Phillip’s Porfolio: Jonathan Gallegos, of Village Music, will be turing 20 on Wednesday,

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My First Business License

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Ssussdriad Marketing is now official! I do still need a license from the county, but I am technically allowed to sell services in Hanford, which is pretty damn exciting… And I love seeing the Ssussdriad name on things. I will be offering poster, flyer, brochure design, video, and advertising within the weekly live stream that I’ll be posting about soon.

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Introducing Hanford’s Community Calendar!

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Ssussdriad presents Hanford Events!Hanford’s new Community Calendar! Help launch it, and let’s add to the great work being done to revitalize this charming town! “Like” the Facebook Page, and Invite your friends to do the same! Downtown Hanford was once the Central Valley’s cultural hub, the hot seat for Jazz, Blues, and Country music. We even beat out Berkley for

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