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#CreateKings (County) Youth Art Hop April 9

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We have a really special #HopHanford coming up April 9th. We’ll be featuring Youth Art, and ALSO introducing this community to Create California, an incredible Arts Education non-profit moving California Public Schools toward Arts-Integrated Education. Watch the video below for more about them 🙂

Video for House of Cupcakes

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I recently had the privilege of joining House of Cupcakes for part of the day. What a business! This video was a lot of fun to make. Here’s her Instagram and Facebook.

#CreateKings Arts Integrated Education in Kings County!

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I am stoked..STOKED to make this call to artists! The April Art Hop will feature Youth Art, and we’ll be introducing this community to CreateCa and the concept of Arts-Integrated Education! April 10th will see a musical performance and presentations introducing CreateCa! Court House Stage! Time to be announced 🙂 Facebook Event Page Facebook Art Hop Group Email: nate@Ssussdriad.com Phone:

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Merging the Bookstore Facebook page with the main Ssussdriad page

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I started the facebook page for “Platypus Books” four years ago.. then it became “Rebel Books”, then “The Tree and Dragon”, and now…”Ssussdriad Books”. I have considered keeping a page bookstore-specific, but have decided against it. The bookstore is a huge part of the overall plans and, if I’m effective, will be indistinguishable from the world peace movement that comes

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My First “Flog”! Otis and Heroes in L.A. & Heroes in Hanford!

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My first “Flog”! Finally! I met a hero in L.A. on Friday, and learned about California’s Creative Economy and more! I promise to not maintain focus as I produce these Vlogs, but I will orbit the subjects of: Downtown Revitalization, Arts and Alternative Education, and Regenerative Agriculture. Thanks for tuning in 🙂 Here’s the Otis Report Website: https://www.otis.edu/creative-economy… Here’s the

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A look at last week’s 11 hour special city council meeting

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The second day began with “This I Believe” statements from each council person. I have included them below. I believed it important to make them available in their entirety. Top priorities established in the following 7 categories: 1) efficient & responsive Gov – Customer Service training for staff 2) collaborative community relationships – Develop a committee/taskforce regarding homeless 3) fiscal

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An Early Introduction to Create Ca and Arts Integrated Education. April Art Hop

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I’m really stoked for the April Art Hop. If you watch the video above, you’ll see why. I will soon be creating a closed facebook group for those interested in being a part of the Arts Integrated Education Revolution in Kings County. For now, follow Ssussdriad on social media (links on the home page), and consider joining the public #HopHanford

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Special City Council Meeting Thur and Friday

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The City of Hanford has hired The Novak Consulting Group for team-building. Special City Council Meeting Thur 4-7 & Friday 9am-4pm. I’ll be posting updates on Twitter @Ssussdriad and will post a video over the weekend recapping the meeting. There is a “Priorities” item on the agenda, and I encourage you to show up if you’re able, and voice your

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Video Recap of the Jan 15 Hanford City Council Meeting

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Recap of the Jan 15 2019 City Council Meeting! Including the Bastille, Downtown Homeless Resource Center, New Commissioners, and a major Median Remodel on Lacey Blvd. Here’s that video-recap I promised! I’d intended to use a lot more footage from the meeting, but it wouldn’t do much good without the audio lol.. So you get to watch me talk instead.

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