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Create Kings (County)

There is an Arts-Integration Revolution happening in California Public Schools, and it’s time we kickstart those changes here in Kings County! In this video I will quickly go over: What this Arts Revolution is, Why it’s needed, Who’s responsible for it, and the early steps for bringing it to Kings County.

What is Arts-Integrated Education?

Arts-Integration is curriculum that integrates arts and creativity into student’s daily lives. It’s Math, Science, History, taught through dance, music, animation, all while meeting state education standards. As an example, and one I was fortunate to witness firsthand, in a 4th grade classroom in the Burton School District in Porterville, students read an excerpt from a High School Level text, and sat together picking out emotion words, defining them, and discussing them, talking about fear, anger, embarrassment, joy. Then paintings were projected onto the wall, and the class picked out and discussed emotional characteristics. Could the bared teeth be anger, fear? The raised eyebrows, surprise? This was review. The students broke out into small groups and practiced lines they’d already written to express the emotions from the text, then they acted them out in front of a greenscreen, in front of the rest of the class, with a kid on the camera, a kid on the lights, a kid on the microphones.. THEN they went in as a team and changed the background to represent the emotions they were trying to convey! A. FOURTH. GRADE. CLASS.

Why is it Important?

That’s what Arts-Integration looks like, now why is it important? Well, let’s take a deeper look at this 4th grade lesson. First off, High School Level text, in the fourth grade..but..they were identifying emotion words, defining them, and discussing them. They wrote their own lines to convey those emotions, then acted out those lines using body language to further their point..then changed the background of their scenes to fit the emotions of the scene!! Understanding, and adequately expressing our emotions is such an important part of being human. And that’s just one layer of this lesson. They were working in big, and small groups, making decisions together, and learning that every part of a project is important to the whole, that holding the mic contributes as much as acting out the lines. They were learning video production, which is a whole other can of worms in itself; cinematography, the dynamics of sound, color theory, lighting, acting. This lesson was emotional intelligence in action, in the 4th grade, and it met the learning needs of tactile, auditory, and visual learners all at once, preparing them for an unpredictable, technological world.

Who is Responsible for it?

Who’s responsible for this arts-integration revolution? Create California. Create Ca is a statewide non-profit made up of like 15 other arts non-profits from throughout the state, all doing their amazing work, but now with a common, clear objective: Quality Arts Education for every student. They were formed in 2011 by the California State Superintendents Office, the California Parent Teachers Association, California Arts Council, and California Arts Alliance. Under the instruction of State Superintendent Tom Torlakson, a task force was put together to investigate and report on the state of arts education in california, and to make a recommendation moving forward. Over 100 experts in education, and creativity contributed to this report. What it found was that 88% of California public schools are not meeting California Arts Education Standard..which is really interesting when you consider that California is the creative capital of the world. California is also the 6th largest economy in the world, and 25% of our $2 Trillion economic output is generated by the creative industry…The recommendation from the task force was arts-integrated education. Which we just looked at.

How Do We Bring it to Kings County?

CreateCA is gaining momentum and support throughout the state. Now how do we move our Kings County Public Schools toward arts-integrated curriculum? Frankly, i don’t know. I’m in way over my head here, but I have some ideas on how we can figure it out together. First, please join the #CreateKings (County) Facebook Group, and stay active in it, posting, commenting, reacting, sharing. And as our shared understanding grows, invite friends, family, and colleagues to join. After joining the Facebook Group, sign up for the #CreateKings email list.

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After joining the facebook group, and signing up for the email list, I encourage you to explore CreateCA’s website,

The Plan!

I am planning another Youth Art Hop in late Fall. Between now and then, I am planning a series of small, focused events such as “Understanding VAPA standards”, and “What is Arts Integrated Education?”, with what we learn through these smaller events, and with your help, I will make videos to inform our community.

It’s a great boon from the universe that our Kings County Superintendent, Todd Barlow, is open to these ideas. When we met he expressed his belief in “Whole Person Education”, and he was really helpful in spreading the word about April’s Youth Art Hop. My point here is that we aren’t just yelling in the wind. If we can organize, and move parents to action, we can bring arts-integrated curriculum to kings county. It’s already happening all over the state, Let’s make it happen here.

Thank you for your time 🙂


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