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I am planning another Youth Art Hop Nov 12. With that event, I will announce a series of small, focused events with which we can learn together:

-Introduction to CreateCa, and Arts-integrated Curriculum (Jan 16)

-Parent's Guide to Understanding VAPA Standards (Visual and Performing arts Standards) (Jan 30)

-California's Creative Economy and Arts Career Pathways (Feb 13)

- Current Arts Access in Kings County and Bringing Arts-Integration to our public schools (Feb 27)

It’s a great boon from the universe that our Kings County Superintendent, Todd Barlow, is open to these ideas. When we met he expressed his belief in “Whole Person Education”, and he was really helpful in spreading the word about April’s Youth Art Hop. My point here is that we aren’t just yelling in the wind. If we can organize, and move parents to action, we can bring arts-integrated curriculum to kings county. It’s already happening all over the state, Let’s make it happen here.

Thank you for your time 🙂


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Learn more about CreateCa:

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