Finding Hanford

A Fun And Easy Way To Support Local Businesses, While Staying Informed About Community News, Events, and Entertainment.

Shop Small

Shopping small supports the local economy. More of every dollar stays in local circulation, paying employees, supporting other businesses, bolstering sports teams, and local charities.

When we shop with big corporations, most of that money exits our community, and grows the massive fortunes of the very people working against mankind.


For Shoppers

A simple, fun way to support local shops from the comfort of home., will make it fun to search, filter, purchase, and review the goods small town Hanford has to offer.

For Businesses

A hassle-free way to sell your products online, keep track of and interpret sales data, and engage with our community.

As we grow, so too will the functionality we can offer.

For Creatives

Local artists, and crafters will also be able to sell their work, and musicians can offer bookings.

Community Calendar

Community-organizers will be able to submit their events, so you'll never find out about an event too late again.

You'll also be able to easily subscribe to the calendar feed, so you can toggle Hanford's events in your personal calendar app.

Functionality will also include ticket sales.


Community-Sourced / Local

Covering local news, politics, upcoming events, and more.

We will draw on the power of crowd-sourcing to inform our coverage. We will achieve this through the discussion forums, and a 24/7 tip line.

Through the forums we will design a plan for paying contributors.


Finding Hanford

A podcast examining Hanford's past, and present, and scouting its future. This too will be influenced by the discussion forums.

I for one see hotpads at the airport, and trips to the moon.

we will interview those with experience in areas relevant to Hanford's journey, such as nutrition, education, philosophy, soil science, consciousness.

Our Open Collective page will have a podcast budget where we will split tips with our weekly guests, allowing us to attract individuals otherwise un-approachable.


Celebrating Hanford Culture. Telling Our Story.

Our town has a rich history, a growing culture, and a lot to celebrate. So we'll do just that with intimate interviews and explorations of the businesses, their owners, our musicians and artists, our politicians, our people.

Together we'll discover who we are, and who we can be.

Discussion Forums

Community Sense-Making

The Finding Hanford website will be one of the conduits to the forums, a place for locals to come together and organize around the focus areas mentioned earlier, like education, energy, and our local economy.

Together we will chart a path forward.

The forums will also be a place to submit news tips, and blog posts. Community engagement will inform our podcast, blog posts, and the larger expedition.


More Community Sense-Making

We human beings have a tendency to falsify our preferences. We do this, in part, because we make assumptions about majority opinion, and keep our own to ourselves in order to avoid judgement.

However, when these assumptions are corrected, and results made transparent, the revelation of hidden common agreement can be a powerful tool for growth.

We will use anonymous surveys as a tool for community reflection, sparking conversation, and gaining insight into the opinions and hopes within our hearts.

These surveys will also be informed by community discussion in the forums.


Art Hop

Downtown's monthly Art Hop will return in-person, and as a multi-camera live stream. With pre-recorded interviews with artists, musicians, and shop owners, we'll show real people, with real stories.
Whether you make it out to #HopHanford, or tune in from home, you'll have fun.

Game Shows

We'll frequently host and live stream game shows from the bookstore. Come in for a bite on game show night, and have the chance to participate in a game on stage.

Some games will be filled in advance so we can record interviews with participants, enabling us to create a dynamic and engaging viewing experience for those watching from home, and fun and unique memories for those on stage.

Revolution Televised

Documenting the expedition, and helping neighborhoods to tell their story. We will accept updates from projects all over the world, as well, eventually creating a reality show based partly on submissions.

Home Shopping

Because why not? Sounds fun to me.


The dynamic nature of this expedition and our bookstore will provide more opportunity for engaging live streams, like live concerts, lectures, pitch events.

We will start out with just a few regular shows..

..But with community support, and practice, our skills will grow, as will our budget.. Then comes film, and television.

Native Advertising

A natural, and transparent form of advertising, where paid adverts are molded to fit the style of the content they're placed in. Native Ads outperform traditional advertising on may metrics.

We will blend marketing with narrative, and explore the people behind the brands.

Some examples of how this may look are game show prizes, interviews with Art Hop locations, blogs showing how a given shop got started in Hanford.

We will offer both free and paid advertising to local business, exploring who they are, not ust what they sell.

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