Youth Art Hop Nov 12 – Details for Parents

Hey parents and teachers! Thank you for encouraging the children in your care to express themselves, and for facilitating their participation in November 12th’s Youth Art Hop!

On November 12th, between 6 and 8 pm, youth art will fill participating shops downtown! Artist presence for the duration of the event is not required, but I encourage young artists to hang out with their art a bit to answer questions from those attending…and potentially sell some art!

If you didn’t already know, participation is FREE! And I am not asking for any percentage of art sales. What I do ask is that you help me promote the event. Let’s get the word out, so your kids feel supported in their creative efforts!

Ways to Help Promote

  • Send me a picture of your kid with their art, and include a brief bio. Email me! 🙂
  • Post your own pictures to social media and tag @Ssussdriad (Fb, Insta, Twtr), use the Hashtags #CreateKings, #HopHanford, and #CreativityIsNotOptional (Different pictures than what you send me)
  • RSVP to the Youth Hop Event Page, and invite friends and family.
  • Join the #HopHanford Facebook Group, and post pictures of your child and their art, and tidbits about their artistic process leading up to the Nov 12 event.


  • Let me know if your child would like to be interviewed on camera before the event!
  • Watch my video talking about Create California and bringing Arts-Integrated Education to Kings County. If you’d like to follow the effort, or participate, join the #CreateKings Facebook Group
  • Feel free to download the images below 🙂
  • Please consider following Ssussdriad on social media. It’s my world peace project.