301 North Douty St.

A Bookstore and Restaurant

Ssussdriad Books will be the expedition's home in Downtown Hanford, providing a safe and dynamic environment for families. Where grabbing a bite, or a brew, catching a show, or joining a club directly energizes community strategy.

A Refuge From The Storm.

A Place From Which To Build.

And To Party.

301 North Douty

Some remember their first margarita at the Cantina, others pinball at Poor Richard's Pizza. Older residents may have bought their first BB gun from Moe's Toy Shop as kids. Even earlier it was Justensens Market, where brazil nuts were 59 cents a pound.

Today's kids will remember it as Ssussdriad's home in downtown Hanford, where we will explore and honor its past, and cultivate its future.


Books are cool, and I have 30 thousand of them ready to fill the shelves.


Farm fresh buffet and meal-prep

Ssussdriad will serve buffet-style meals, made with farm-fresh ingredients, some of which we'll grow ourselves, and some we'll source from local regenerative farms.

We will partner with local chefs and culinary programs to regularly host guest chefs from near and far, keeping our daily meals new, creative, healthy, and unique.

The bulk nature of our meals will allow Ssussdriad to also offer meal-prep services, helping the busy folks of Hanford find the best food for their families.


Ssussdriad will serve as a year-round produce market, giving local regenerative farms a place to sell their crops, and giving Hanford folk a dynamic and comfortable environment to buy raw ingredients for making magic in the kitchen.

Like with our own farm, we will have a standard of health for the crops and soil from the farms we partner with.

Visitors Center

Ssussdriad will be an unofficial visitor's center, providing business directories, walking maps and, eventually, tours of downtown and its rich history.


Music, lectures, interviews, news-casts, comedy, plays, workshops, film, cooking classes, talent, shows, bingo, speed dating, karaoke, trivia, rap battles, mystery dinners, and whatever else this community, comes up with.

And what I'm particularly excited about.. Gameshows.

All these and more can be live streamed. More on that with Finding Hanford.

Closing Loops

Nature doesn't have waste, and someday, humanity won't either.. in the meantime, we will do everything we can to minimize ours. Our restaurant leftovers, for example, will return to the farm as either animal feed, or compost.


Ssussdriad books will be a satellite  for our microschool, as well as a homeschool resource center.

Finding Hanford

The bookstore will be a home base to the digital efforts of Finding Hanford. More on that soon.

The floorplan

A rough draft.