Ssussdriad will be a school in several respects, each guided by the natural world, compassion, and human psychodynamics.
  • Microschool
  • Home school resource centers
  • Open source
  • Neighborhood Utopias

Micro School

The downtown location, and eventually the farm, will serve as a small, private school, where children learn through play and self-direction, surrounded by community. There will be tests, but they'll have nothing to do with paper and pencil.

Children will direct their own lives, discover their interests and skills, and find real opportunity.

On the farm, students will be around adults who are active partners with nature, from the microbe to the tree. In the bookstore, students will be around adults working to create a pleasant future. They'll be exposed to live music, news production, video, sales, and revolution.

In time, and with success, we will expand these schools, and open more.

Home School Resource Center

The downtown location, and eventually the farm, will also serve as home school resource centers, encouraging all to visit and join in voluntary lessons, and free play, as well as access the many resources we will endeavor to provide.

Open Source

Every aspect of the Ssussdriad Expedition will be open source, meaning we will share our tools and our experience freely with the world, from stories of our successes and failures, to the schematics for new technologies we develop.

As we grow in experience, we will continue to refine our messaging and work to create more and more engaging educational material around relevant topics.

Neighborhood Utopias Initiative

Neighborhoods participating in the Utopias initiative will be working to meet their own educational needs. This may look like neighborhood micro schools, or group trainings in areas like food production, and defense.

Ssussdriad and Finding Hanford will support active neighborhoods in every way we can. This will begin with help navigating the processes we're all new to, and sharing their stories,