We have a really special #HopHanford coming up April 9th. We'll be featuring Youth Art, and ALSO introducing this community to Create California, an incredible Arts Education non-profit moving California Public Schools toward Arts-Integrated Education. Watch the video below for more about them 🙂

I recently had the privilege of joining House of Cupcakes for part of the day. What a business! This video was a lot of fun to make.

Here's her Instagram and Facebook.

I am stoked..STOKED to make this call to artists! The April Art Hop will feature Youth Art, and we'll be introducing this community to CreateCa and the concept of Arts-Integrated Education!

April 10th will see a musical performance and presentations introducing CreateCa! Court House Stage! Time to be announced 🙂

Facebook Event Page

Facebook Art Hop Group

Email: nate@Ssussdriad.com

Phone: (559)772-2317

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Ssussdriad

Instagram: www.Instagram.com/Ssussdriad

Learn more about Create California! www.CreateCa.net

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