The second day began with "This I Believe" statements from each council person. I have included them below. I believed it important to make them available in their entirety.

Top priorities established in the following 7 categories:

1) efficient & responsive Gov

- Customer Service training for staff

2) collaborative community relationships

- Develop a committee/taskforce regarding homeless

3) fiscal responsibility

-Evaluate fees and revenues in light of cannabis

4) exceptional quality of life

-Indoor Recreational facility

5) strategic economic development & infrastructure

-Evaluate Downtown East Plan

-Review Zoning needs

-Develop plan for job grown and tech sector

6) engaged and informed community

-Public relations strategy & staffing needs

7) safe & well community

Access/Public safety staffing needs of Fire and Police.

I'm really stoked for the April Art Hop. If you watch the video above, you'll see why. I will soon be creating a closed facebook group for those interested in being a part of the Arts Integrated Education Revolution in Kings County. For now, follow Ssussdriad on social media (links on the home page), and consider joining the public #HopHanford Facebook group: HERE

More about CreateCa at

The City of Hanford has hired The Novak Consulting Group for team-building.

Special City Council Meeting Thur 4-7 & Friday 9am-4pm.

I'll be posting updates on Twitter @Ssussdriad and will post a video over the weekend recapping the meeting.

There is a "Priorities" item on the agenda, and I encourage you to show up if you're able, and voice your vision for this community.

Recap of the Jan 15 2019 City Council Meeting! Including the Bastille, Downtown Homeless Resource Center, New Commissioners, and a major Median Remodel on Lacey Blvd.

Here's that video-recap I promised! I'd intended to use a lot more footage from the meeting, but it wouldn't do much good without the audio lol.. So you get to watch me talk instead.

The Council decided to list the Bastille as Surplus. Barrelhouse Brewing has expressed interest, and I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the founders over the phone (audio clips in the vid)

Council also chose to take the Homeless Resource Center slated for Downtown off the table, instead potentially using the money to purchase the old armory building on 11th ave. I realize i forgot to clear the "potentially" up in the video. Basically, it's Federal money, and they can't get through to anyone to make sure they can use the money that way (due to the shutdown)

New commissioners were appointed to the Parks and Rec Commission, Planning, and Parking and Traffic.

The big triangle median on Lacey by Chicken Shack is getting a makeover. I will try to get a copy of the mockup tomorrow to share.

I announce my weekly live-stream, "How's Hanford", airing early Feb.

I conducted my first on-video interview on friday, and after many hours troubleshooting audio-sync issues, and the fix costing video quality... Here it is!! Phillip Nunes is leaving for Disney College Program on the 13th, but is sharing his art with us before he goes! Here's Phillip's Porfolio:

Jonathan Gallegos, of Village Music, will be turing 20 on Wednesday, but his voice sounds like it's got some years behind it.

Both Phillip and Jonathan will be at DJ's Collectible Shoppe on Tuesday for Hanford Art Hop - The Winter Months 6-8 pm. We have 10 locations this month, all with Art, Music, or both.

Art Hop Facebook Event Page:

A Big Thank You to DJ's Collectibles for letting us film there, and also a big Thank You to Art Print Service for donating the walking maps, which you can find in our participating shops:

1. Children's Storybook Garden & Museum music from Paul Herrera and art from Coat Of Many Colors $5 Paint Parties.

2. Divine Creations hand-knit scarves, and crochet lessons from Maggie Murray

3. Lush Fine Wines with art from

4. DJ's Collectible Shoppe Music from Village Music, and art from Phillip Nunes

5. Beautifully Damaged, LLC Free Origami Lessons from Raymond Thomas

6. UrbanGypsies art from Krayola Cooley

7. Kings Gospel Mission - Thrift music from Timothy Mattos, "Country, Rock, & Folk Singer", and wood carvings from Tim's Father, Clarence Mattos

8. Crossroads Appliance Wire-Wrapped precious stones from Nature's Pendants by Cia and music from CJ Liscum Band

9. Independent Music Outlet music from A Beatnik Picnic

10. Hanford Antique Emporium art from The Fancy Cactus, and music from Jacob Girouard

The music in the video: Jonathan Gallegos - (Cover) Wish You Were Here / Pink Floyd Jonathan Gallegos - Don't Say My Name

Copyright (c) 2020 Ssussdriad
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