I went to film the full parking lot for a project scheduled for April, and I saw a group of folks looking up into a tree. I could never resist a crowd of people looking up! Fortunately, i always keep a blanket in my car! ....or is it that I haven't cleaned my car out since my trip to San Jose last month? Either way, a kitten was rescued and it was very exciting!


Hanford's Art Hop is going strong through the winter months! Join us from 6-8pm Dec 11, Jan 8, and Feb 12 for local art, live music, and good vibes in historic Downtown Hanford!

Here's the walking map for December 11:


I had the pleasure of designing this flyer for the Eggs Bacon and Joey Morning Show.

Entries will be accepted until December 14th. The top 5 will be announced shortly after, allowing listeners to vote! Winner announced December 27th! There's a shot at a share of $500.

Email your Mp3/Video File to: jliveking@gmail.com

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