Video Recap of the Jan 15 Hanford City Council Meeting

Recap of the Jan 15 2019 City Council Meeting! Including the Bastille, Downtown Homeless Resource Center, New Commissioners, and a major Median Remodel on Lacey Blvd.

Here’s that video-recap I promised! I’d intended to use a lot more footage from the meeting, but it wouldn’t do much good without the audio lol.. So you get to watch me talk instead.

The Council decided to list the Bastille as Surplus. Barrelhouse Brewing has expressed interest, and I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the founders over the phone (audio clips in the vid)

Council also chose to take the Homeless Resource Center slated for Downtown off the table, instead potentially using the money to purchase the old armory building on 11th ave. I realize i forgot to clear the “potentially” up in the video. Basically, it’s Federal money, and they can’t get through to anyone to make sure they can use the money that way (due to the shutdown)

New commissioners were appointed to the Parks and Rec Commission, Planning, and Parking and Traffic.

The big triangle median on Lacey by Chicken Shack is getting a makeover. I will try to get a copy of the mockup tomorrow to share.

I announce my weekly live-stream, “How’s Hanford”, airing early Feb.