Meet the Team

Nathan Odom

Community organizer, dreamer of splendid dreams. Passionate about healing our world, and facilitating mankind's potential. 
Some skill in video production, livestreams, events, and reading between the lines. 

Steven Chavez

Steve’s culinary escapade began in 2016, when his wife decided to enroll in the West Hills culinary program in Lemoore Ca and asked him to tag along. From that moment on, he developed a desire to create awesome, unique, and delicious food. In the years since, he has cooked at Monet's Wine Bistro in Exeter, Fugazzi’s in Hanford, and Thomas Hill Organics, and Brunch Paso in Paso Robles. A desire to be his own boss drove him to where he is now, running a successful meal prep business called Slice and Dice Chef Services.

Mike Chaves

“I’m an inspired farmer with a small family, lots of great energy and will to feed my family and friends while saving the world with Nate Odom”

Nando Carter

Fernando Galarza Carter is an independent filmmaker from Hanford California. He is a student of Film and Graphic Communications at Fresno City College with a certificate in Digital Video. Fernando is the Vice President of the New Media Club and the President of the Dead Film Society Club at Fresno City College. Fernando began making films in 2012 with his phone and limited resources. He values working with like minded individuals who have a passion for film and a need to create. In his films, Fernando explores themes in his films such as diversity or transformation and constantly challenges himself by tackling different genres.

Jimmy Hernandez

Data Scientist
Anthony Hernandez recently graduated with his Masters Degree in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence from Bellevue University at Fresno State College. Anthony believes that thoughtfully applied, data science will help solve the world’s toughest problems

Cutting Edge Capital

With over 100 years of cumulative experience, and specializing in Direct Public Offerings and Community Investment Funds, Cutting Edge Capital will help make Ssussdriad and Finding Hanford the world's first community-owned native advertising agency. 
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