In defense of humanity, for all life on earth, endeavoring toward liberty and peace.


An expedition
into the heart of humanity,
and our potential,
our broken and
scattered past,
our profound
moment in time.
As we reach for a better world, each of us struggling to find peace within, we are combating nutritional, psychological and spiritual warfare carried out by the rich, informed by centuries of research into the physical, psychological, and spiritual inner parts of humanity. They control our education, news, food, medicine, economy, government, and entertainment.

That we still reach. That in spite of it all we find beauty, and bring joy to those around us. That we love..that we organize... we are awakening.

That's why they are trying so hard to convince us that we've already lost. But once we look beyond the controlled narratives, and rise above the fear, we see their penetration of governments, and capture of industry for what they are: the desperate acts of a small parasitic few who see their era of control coming to a close.
Ssussdriad is a living framework for communities to become self-sufficient, a blueprint for sovereignty and self-organization which can be replicated or adjusted according to a community's needs.

This plan introduces a strategy for community sense-making, for organizing around, and addressing the many facets of our collapsing civilization, in order to collectively plan and build a collaborative, equitable, joyful, and free world.

This plan also offers a mechanism for funding such an endeavor, while  stimulating the local economy and making it accessible to all.

This is a plan for world peace. And it takes root in Hanford California. Thank you for shining the light of your consciousness, your priceless attention, upon this dream.

From Hanford California
we will explore solutions.

Cognitive Defense
This plan offers solutions in the above areas,
a forum for organizing around them,
and a mechanism for funding
ideas as they emerge, with profits distributed to all.

...And that's just where we'll begin

We will simultaneously conduct an open source investigation into the systemic weaponization of the engineered world against man and earth.

As the world is cast in shadow
We will carry a light

We begin by re-discovering our past

Long before human settlements, we were hunter gatherers


We enjoyed kinship with each other, our planet, and the animals we hunted and consumed.

Our communication was verbal..
oh, we were masters of story.

We had few possessions, only what we could carry, and new technology spread rapidly,
because innovation was a gift to be shared with all,

and because that was one way to make it into the stories.

We knew everyone by name,

and removing only the poison darts from reach,
children learned through play.

We were calm



And Happy

the Age of Empires

And though its names have changed,
it's what we've had ever since..
A ruling class
and everyone else
Kings and religion
have been replaced

with corporations,
think tanks,

and secret societies.
And it's gotten a bit out of hand.
This is Klaus Schwab

Director of the World Economic Forum, a globalist think tank getting a lot of attention lately, and deservedly so.

They are not the only powerful group working their will on the world, but they help paint a picture of the problem we face.

Klaus Schwab is on camera in 2017 bragging about how successful the WEF's Young Global Leaders program has been at penetrating the cabinets of governments around the world.

Some graduates of this program include:

Boris Johnson, Angela Merkel, Vladimir Putin, Justin Trudeau, Gavin Newsom, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and a great many more.

Partnered with the WEF is nearly every major corporation you've ever heard of, reaching into every sector of our lives.

A small sample of this list:

Google, Facebook, TikTok, AT&T, Verizon, Amazon, Exxon, Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Bayer, Apple, Coke, Pepsi, Walmart, and PG&E.
They are also partnered with Nasdaq, and the New York Stock Exchange, who recently announced NACs, an investment vehicle for the rich to own the processes of the natural world.
This is Larry Fink

-World Economic Forum board of trustees

CEO of Blackrock

which manages over $20 Trillion,
and is a top institutional investor in just about every corporation you've ever heard of.

He's also a member of GFANZ,
which represents over 43% of global banking assets,
and is leveraging that power
to force the United Nations' alleged
"Sustainable Development Goals"
upon the world.

Like much in today's world,
"sustainable development"
isn't what they say it is.
The World Economic Forum
advocates for a complete transformation
of the global financial system,
toward Central Bank Digital Currencies,
where every cent is tracked and traced
and tied together with our

digital identity,

and our ability to spend turned off
at the discretion of the banks.

They advocate for a "Fourth Industrial Revolution",
where everything is a smart device, and
we are all under constant surveillance.

They wrote an article about a future
where property rights are a thing of the past,
and our dreams are automatically recorded and analyzed.

Today they brag about breakthroughs in wearable technologies that can tell if you're happy or sad, what color you're thinking of, and even pin numbers.
In 2020, at the WEF's annual meeting at Davos, Yuval Noah Harari gave a speech called "how to survive the 21st century", where he predicts the creation of a "global useless class", and the rise of "digital dictatorships that would monitor everyone all the time".
"if you know enough biology, and you have enough computing power and data, you can hack my body, and my brain, and my life, and you can understand me better than I understand myself. You can know my personality type my political views, my sexual preferences, my mental weaknesses, my deepest fears and hopes... and you can do that not just to me, but to everyone...a system that understands us better than we understand ourselves can predict our feelings and decisions, can manipulate our feelings and decisions, and can ultimately make decisions for us..."
""...we humans should get used to the idea
that we are no longer mysterious souls,
we are now hack-able animals."
...This group brags about penetrating our governments,
and guides the corporations that control every sector of our lives.
The ruling class has been building a prison
And they've been at it for a while

A long while

This may be a good time to take a deep breath in through the nose, with a long, slow exhale out the mouth.
Remind yourself that you're safe. Wiggle your nose, and cheeks. Stretch a bit.

Take another deep breath, and let it out in a sigh.

The ruling class uses fear to control us.
So we learn to regulate our nervous systems.
They hide our history from us.
So we discover it for ourselves.
They use media.
So we create our own, and become masters of story.
They have all the money.
So we generate true wealth.
They control the food.
So we grow our own,
become experts in soil,
and rediscover our health,
and our earth.

We rise to the challenge.
We adapt.
And in doing so,
we find out what we're capable of.

This is adventure.
Fortunately, we can look to the earth for guidance out
of this centuries-old trap.

In fact,
I'll argue we're nearly out already.

In his Foundation Stone Lectures,
Dr. Robert Gilman
makes a compelling case for the current transition from the
Empire Era
into the Planetary Era,
characterized by diversity,
true efficiency,
and abundance.
It's here we find old growth forest,

which catches and stores energy,

and transforms disturbance into life.

Earth's old growth forests
are diverse,
and abundant.
Welcome to
The Planetary Era


Frameworks for understanding, which help to elucidate the elements and relationships designed into this expedition.

Patterning After Nature

Every breath ever breathed, idea imagined, first step taken, owes itself to the processes of this planet, to the dynamic and diverse range of behaviors and relationships that make up life on earth.

Written into the soil, the forest creek, and the human body, are patterns that represent billions of years of accumulated wisdom. If we take the time to learn from our greatest teacher, we can apply these patterns to our own lives, resulting in more creative, resilient, and self-sufficient homes, neighborhoods, businesses, communities and, someday, society.


The Biology of Corporate Survival

According to research carried out by Boston Consultancy Group, the world's most successful and resilient corporations share several traits with nature.

How Change Happens

A recipe for revolution.

Professor Cass Sunstein argues that social cascades throughout history have had the following three social phenomena in common.

Polyvegal Theory

A new understanding of our nervous system.
When well regulated, we are compassionate, creative, driven, and curious. When we're in states of chronic stress, our access to these parts of ourselves is diminished.

Magic Arts


Community Capital

Cooperative Governance

Authority will be distributed; sociocracy



Vectors of influence

Open Source

Transparent, replicable

Feedback Loops


The Trivium

A Community-owned company of 4 modular business elements..

Bookstore & Restaurant

A school

A Neighborhood Utopias Initiative

And Community Discussion Forums

A Regenerative Farm

Guided by the principles of permaculture, and syntropic agroforestry, we will align with the earth's processes to nurture dynamic and healthy ecosystems, resulting in delicious and nutrient-rich foods for our community.

The Soil Food Web

Pests and Disease

Compost & Tea


Revenue Generation

Current Harvests

Chicken eggs
Chicken meat
Worm Castings



Sales Channels

Restaurant and Market

Our main sales channel will be our restaurant and market in downtown Hanford. We will supply our downtown storefront with fresh ingredients daily.

Farmers Markets

Ssussdriad is currently a member of the Visalia Farmers Market Association. We will join more markets as we grow.

We will participate in the forthcoming online marketplace, allowing locals to purchase produce baskets which can be picked up at one of a few locations.

301 North Douty St.

A Bookstore and Restaurant

Ssussdriad Books will be the expedition's home in Downtown Hanford, providing a safe and dynamic environment for families. Where grabbing a bite, or a brew, catching a show, or joining a club directly energizes community strategy.

A Refuge From The Storm.

A Place From Which To Build.

And To Party.

301 North Douty



Farm fresh buffet and meal-prep


Visitors Center


Closing Loops


Finding Hanford

The floorplan

A rough draft.

Finding Hanford

A Fun And Easy Way To Support Local Businesses, While Staying Informed About Community News, Events, and Entertainment.

Shop Small


For Shoppers

A simple, fun way to support local shops from the comfort of home., will make it fun to search, filter, purchase, and review the goods small town Hanford has to offer.

For Businesses

A hassle-free way to sell your products online, keep track of and interpret sales data, and engage with our community.

As we grow, so too will the functionality we can offer.

For Creatives

Local artists, and crafters will also be able to sell their work, and musicians can offer bookings.

Community Calendar


Community-Sourced / Local




Celebrating Hanford Culture. Telling Our Story.

Discussion Forums

Community Sense-Making

The Finding Hanford website will be one of the conduits to the forums, a place for locals to come together and organize around the focus areas mentioned earlier, like education, energy, and our local economy.

Together we will chart a path forward.

The forums will also be a place to submit news tips, and blog posts. Community engagement will inform our podcast, blog posts, and the larger expedition.


More Community Sense-Making


Art Hop

Downtown's monthly Art Hop will return in-person, and as a multi-camera live stream. With pre-recorded interviews with artists, musicians, and shop owners, we'll show real people, with real stories.
Whether you make it out to #HopHanford, or tune in from home, you'll have fun.

Game Shows

We'll frequently host and live stream game shows from the bookstore. Come in for a bite on game show night, and have the chance to participate in a game on stage.

Some games will be filled in advance so we can record interviews with participants, enabling us to create a dynamic and engaging viewing experience for those watching from home, and fun and unique memories for those on stage.

Revolution Televised

Documenting the expedition, and helping neighborhoods to tell their story. We will accept updates from projects all over the world, as well, eventually creating a reality show based partly on submissions.

Home Shopping

Because why not? Sounds fun to me.


The dynamic nature of this expedition and our bookstore will provide more opportunity for engaging live streams, like live concerts, lectures, pitch events.

We will start out with just a few regular shows..

..But with community support, and practice, our skills will grow, as will our budget.. Then comes film, and television.

Native Advertising

A natural, and transparent form of advertising, where paid adverts are molded to fit the style of the content they're placed in. Native Ads outperform traditional advertising on may metrics.

We will blend marketing with narrative, and explore the people behind the brands.

Some examples of how this may look are game show prizes, interviews with Art Hop locations, blogs showing how a given shop got started in Hanford.

We will offer both free and paid advertising to local business, exploring who they are, not ust what they sell.


Ssussdriad  is  a  sapling ,  in  need  of  tending  and  protection. 

It  represents  the  ideas  that  promise a better  path  for  mankind.  In  time,  these  ideas  will  grow  large,  their  roots  reaching deep within the earth,  their  canopy  guarding  a  world  at  peace.

Some  aspects of this dream will be  introduced  right  away,  and  some  will  come  later,  after  Hanford  is  well  on  its  way  to  self-sufficiency,  and  self-determination.

Track the Adventure


Planetary  News

Starting  with  aggregation,  evolving  into  our  own  news  gathering.


A  podcast  exploring  the  polycrisis,  and  humanity's  emerging  response.


Using  the  visual  medium  to  open  doors  in  the  minds  of  soon-to-be  revolutionaries.

Revolution  Televised

A  reality  show  following  the  Ssussdriad  Epedition,  eventually  evolving  to  follow  other  projects  of  note  abroad.

Planetary Forum


Paladin's  Map

Flaran Cha'Menthi

"I Dare!"

....We dare because we must, for who else will dare for us?