Old growth forests

catch and store energy,

and transform disturbance into life.

and Abundant.
Welcome to
The Planetary Era


Frameworks for understanding, which help to elucidate the elements and relationships designed into this expedition, and which help us to navigate the future.

Patterning After Nature

Every breath ever breathed, idea imagined, first step taken, owes itself to the processes of this planet, to the dynamic and diverse range of behaviors and relationships that make up life on earth.

Written into the soil, the forest creek, and the human body, are patterns that represent billions of years of accumulated wisdom. If we take the time to learn from our greatest teacher, we can apply these patterns to our own lives, resulting in more creative, resilient, and self-sufficient homes, neighborhoods, businesses, communities and, someday, society.


The Biology of Corporate Survival

According to research carried out by Boston Consultancy Group, the world's most successful and resilient corporations share several traits with nature.

How Change Happens

A recipe for revolution.

Professor Cass Sunstein argues that social cascades throughout history have had the following three social phenomena in common.