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Hey there Artists and Musicians of the Central Valley!!! I hope you know how important you are. Without you the world would fall, utterly, and completely under the shadow.

Thank you for choosing to participate in an Art Hop in Downtown Hanford!! Hanford was once the Valley’s cultural hub, the hot-seat for Blues, Jazz, and Country, and there’s a lot to suggest it will be again soon. So thank you for helping us to get there.

About the Hop

Art Hop is 6-8 pm the 2nd Tuesday each month in Downtown Hanford. Anywhere from 6 to 13 shops participate any given month, keeping their doors open, and filling their shops with local art, live music, or both.

What’s New?

The Art Hop businesses are going to start putting more attention into promoting the Hop, and I ask that you also make a large self-promotion effort, posting in the #HopHanford Facebook Group, and sharing to your personal pages, and art pages.

Here’s the link to the #HopHanford Facebook Group:

Please endeavor to post a few times leading up to Your Hop! And always make sure to introduce yourself, say a little about who you are, and where you’ll be, and on what day. If you are on other social media platforms, please post there, too.
And don’t forget to invite your friends, and family via the ‘invite’ option in the event page!
If we all work together it’ll be less work for all, and I wager we’ll see the results fast!

Below are some post ideas. Get creative, have fun! When I see you post something I haven’t thought of, I’ll add it to the list! If anyone needs help with ANYTHING AT ALL I’m easy to reach.

Nathan Odom
(559)772-2317 / / Facebook / Insta

Post Ideas

Pictures of your latest, and favorite works, and text talking about them.

A Headshot with text talking about who you are, and why you make art

Pictures of your materials/studio space, and text explaining your art, and your process

If you have fan pages on FB, Insta, Twit, Etc, share them to the group

Video of you creating

Picture of your earliest works beside your current works, and text talking about that journey

Picture of an artist you admire, and how they inspire you.

If you’re really bold, a short video introducing yourself, where you’ll be, what kind of art you create. (Post video directly to event page, and group)

Anything you see above that you can make work for you

Video of past performances (Upload directly in group, if you can)

Links to your itunes, spotify etc

Pictures of your instruments, text talking about yourself and your music

Talk about specific songs, maybe post pictures of what inspired them.

Picture of musician that inspires your music, and why

If you’re really bold, a short video introducing yourself, where you’ll be, what kind of music you create. (Post video directly to event page)

About Ssussdriad

Globally adaptable solutions for reaching Human potential, coalescing with the needs of the living planet Earth; a plan for peace: Bookstore, brewery, restaurant, concert hall coming soon to downtown Hanford, Ca, from which solutions in downtown revitalization, arts and alternative education, and regenerative agriculture are developed, tested, and shared with the world.

Create California and Arts Integrated Education.

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