The Bookstore

Hanford California hasn't had a bookstore since Borders shut their doors in 2011. Tucked into the Hanford Mall, Borders Express was the only bookstore in all of Kings County. Since then we've snagged the #3 spot in a list of least educated counties in the country. Point is, we need a bookstore.

Just so happens that I have 30 thousand books, and a knack for throwing concerts. I also have a buddy with over 30 years brewing experience. So, we'll be a bookstore, concert venue, micro brewery, restaurant (eventually), and a locally-sourced organic produce market. That's a lot of hats for one shop to wear, but I think it'll work. And if you explore the website you'll see why.

Downtown Revitalization

Arts Education

Sustainable Agriculture

I am stoked, of course, for all that can be accomplished from the bookstore, but I am most excited to provide a rad place to chill. We'll have music, and art, ALL THE TIME, and a person can grab a beer, and a book, and we'll have movie nights, and great conversations. It will be the kind of place where folks can always unwind, have the surreal nights that remind us we're in it together and, should they ever feel like it, pick up one of the myriad world-changing projects on the table.

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