"The emphasis on testing comes at the expense of teaching children how to employ their natural creativity and entrepreneurial talents - the precise talents that might insulate them against the unpredictability of the future in all parts of the world." - Yong Zhao, University of Oregon

Our conventional education systems word wide have too close a relationship with the multi-billion dollar-a-year standardized testing industry. While few of us actually believe all children are the same, children are expected to learn in one-size-fits-all molds, and far too many fall through the cracks, their unique genius hidden from the world and themselves.

The education system in the United States developed as the needs of our Industrial Revolution dictated, to produce a workforce that would build our nation. It filled that need well, but as we move farther from factory work, and deeper into the age of technology, the needs of our world change. Creativity is needed in every industry. It’s time that our education system evolves to meet those needs.

From the bookstore I intend to facilitate the Arts, and Alternative Education conversation, and foster the action that’s needed to move our schools away from test-result driven systems, and toward more inclusive curriculums that help children, our world’s future, discover their value, and their potential.

I intend to push for our local public schools to adopt Create California’s, Blueprint for Creative Schools. To me, Create California’s blueprint, which has been accepted by the California State Superintendent’s Office, represents the strongest steps our public schools can take toward the educational ideals above, while still meeting the Educational Standards as dictated by the State of California. I will post a blog, and a video about Create California soon.

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