I organize Downtown Hanford’s Monthly Art Hop, maintain an online community calendar, and stream live each week to facebook with my show, “#HowsHanford“, covering local news, events, city meetings, history, and interviewing artists, and business owners. I broadcast Tuesday mornings at 11am from DJ’s Collectibles in Downtown Hanford.

The Plan

In Spring 2020 I’ll launch the Kickstarter for Ssussdriad – A Plan for Peace:




Concert hall

to open in Downtown Hanford California. From the bookstore we will learn about, develop and launch projects in the areas of:

Downtown Revitalization

All across America our downtowns, our central hubs, are crumbling. These are the places we connect with each other, where our communities earn the strength they need to survive cataclysms, be they environmental, economic, or social disasters. It is paramount that we heal our broken commonplaces, for the health of our communities, our children, and our civilization.

The solutions are out there, we just need to find what works for our area, and put in the work.

Arts and Alternative Education

The current industrial model of education, where rowed desks face front for lectures, and billions of dollars are spent by parents to prepare kids for tests, where art is considered play, and play a luxury, this education model does not meet the needs of the future. A foundation in art, however, and training the creative processes gives kids an advantage when discovering, understanding, and dealing with their emotions, how they relate to the world, and a stronger ability to adapt to change. Change being life’s only constant, Arts-Integrated Education in our public schools is the best way for our education systems to quickly meet the needs of an unpredictable future.

Regenerative Agriculture

Conventional industrial agriculture, with its heavy till, monoculture, pesticide, and synthetic fertilizer, is not cohesive to soil health. Global Ag is the 3rd leading contributor to carbon in the atmosphere, and the Central Valley California is the leading Ag exporter of the world. Nowhere on the planet would a change in our food systems be more impactful. By practicing regenerative agriculture techniques, in mimicking the patterns of nature, we will heal our planet, our atmosphere, and our bodies.

And by transitioning to regenerative practices as a standard in California, we will redefine how we feed the world.

From the bookstore we will explore these subjects, and develop and launch solutions, all the while sharing what we learn with the world, and producing resources for people all over to mimic, and build upon our successes, and learn from our failures.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I’ve been dreaming this up for 10 years, and the true scope of my dream will take several years to make clear. Please consider connecting with Ssussdriad on social media, and being a part of this journey.

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The Story

In 2014, the day after I decided to open a bookstore, 30 thousand books fell into my lap. Crazy world. A little over a month later, I got drunk, drove, and ran from the cops. Not my brightest move, but the jail time that followed was transformative. I meditated each morning, worked on the jail farm, exercised on lunch, read TONS, talked to people, listened to NPR, and meditated more. It was in that time the pieces of my myriad failed save-the-world projects fell into place, and Ssussdriad began to take shape in my mind.

I haven’t had a drink in two years, but that’s been a breeze. In those same two years I have organized Downtown Hanford’s monthly Art Hop, and played a pivotal role in protecting some undeveloped park land in town. When the City attempted to sell the remaining undeveloped portion of Hidden Valley Park, I organized a filibuster, two music festivals, a concert outside City Council Chambers, and collected 1/3 of our 3k petition signatures, keeping people informed with videos. I also recovered lost documents contradicting the City’s justifications for selling the land. And most of that was done while unemployed, as City Management attacked my jobs early on in the fight. The park-land is still safe, and though it took a while, I found summer work on an organic berry farm in town.

The Name

In the book, “Crystal Soldier” by Sharon Lee, and Steve Miller, we meet Jela. Jela is an M-Series Soldier, grown in a lab for the sole purpose of fighting the Sheriekas, a mysterious foe that threatens life throughout the galaxy.

For the rest of this story, as it relates to the name I’ve chosen for this project, check out This Blog Post