Ssussdriad presents Hanford Events!
Hanford's new Community Calendar!

Help launch it, and let's add to the great work being done to revitalize this charming town! "Like" the Facebook Page, and Invite your friends to do the same!

Downtown Hanford was once the Central Valley's cultural hub, the hot seat for Jazz, Blues, and Country music. We even beat out Berkley for the Helen Putnam Award for Most Charming Downtown in 1973.

A lot has changed since then, but there are many folks putting in the work to rebuild. We have amazing small businesses, thursday night markets, pub crawls, art hops, acting classes, organic gardening classes. Exciting things are happening, not just in downtown, but all over the Hanford Community, and it's time everyone knew about it! is an interactive Community Calendar!

Hanford Events on Facebook

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