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I was on Eggs Bacon and Joey this morning (Nov 13)! You can go back and watch the live-stream here:

Art Hop is BACK!!! It's been a while, hasn't it?

Well the wait is finally over! Join us in Downtown Hanford Tuesday November 13 from 6-8pm

and you'll find our beautiful small businesses filled with LOCAL ART and LIVE MUSIC! You'll find community....and snacks!

Oh!  ....Right! We'll also be filming some scenes for my short film, "Fight the Dark".

Fight the Dark takes place in a post-apocalyptic downtown where even color has been lost, and night falls earlier than ever. We follow four survivors as they take refuge in abandoned shops, and scavenge food where they can. In one of these shops they discover a map with their names on it, and decide to go where it leads.

This is a no-budget, community film project. Complete with volunteer film crew, actors, and donated location use! AND YOU CAN BE A PART OF IT!! All you need to do is show up! And bring your friends and family! CLICK HERE for the Facebook Event Page, and HELP CREATE THIS FILM!!

Here's the Walking Map!!

Art Hop at large was canceled again this month. Sorry about that, I know it sucks, but I've been working on a plan to improve it, both the management of the event, and public awareness.

I have written a screenplay, and we should start filming in the next couple weeks. Updates to come. So stay tuned!

In the meantime, there will still be music and art on Oct 9 at the Hanford Antique Emporium, and Independent Music! 6-8 pm.

The Emporium will have music from CJ Liscum Band, and art from Alex Marshall Independent Music will have some live tunes from Chris Chamblee, and art from Steve Anaya.

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